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finished the first one and for all who asked what kind of stitch it is : it’s a sweater pattern, knit one row / round with the wraps and than knit one row/round above it. alternating the wraps every repeat by 2 stitches

trying a new stitch – looks even better when it’s stretched

Grumman by Taiga Hilliard Designs on Ravelry

Into the Leaves by Jennifer Weissman on Ravelry

Zigzag Textured Scarf by Kristen McDonnell (free pattern via Ravelry)

Foggy Mountains by Laura Aylor on Ravelry

Karuna by Efa Design Team (free for a limited time via Ravelry)

The Catvent Cowl by Marna Gilligan on Ravelry

Stitch Trio Shawl by Nancy Marchant on Ravelry

mix & shake mitts by Svetlana Volkova on Ravelry