Category: knitting

My Favorite Weekend hat by Natasha Sills (Free during October 2019 on Ravelry)

Laura 7037 by Sue Whiting (free pattern on Ravelry)

more UK 11 socks

Remi by Jennifer Wood on Ravelry

Icy Forest by Melissa LaBarre (free on Ravelry until October 15, 2019)

one more

Aurora Polaris Cowl by Lou Lachance (free on Ravelry through October 14, 2019)

soooo… Fasching is coming up here in 🇩🇪 and someone needs me to make striped knee high socks – best be done by 11.11.19

Eccentricity by Xandy Peters on Ravelry

Whirling by Hunter Hammersen on Ravelry