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Hello lovely Tumblr folk! It’s that time again- I have a giveaway for you all. Wee just opened up our brick and mortar shop, and it’s time to celebrate! We want to give back to the community that started this for us 🥰🙌

All these items came from our online shop and/or our brick and mortar store!

What you get:

  • $50 credit that can be applied to anything in our shop.
  • Triple moon altar cloth
  • Rose quartz palm stone
  • Amethyst scepter crystals from Brazil x2
  • Mini selenite tower
  • Rough kyanite crystal
  • Azurite/malachite rough chunk
  • Moroccan quartz geode piece
  • Agate keychain
  • Lapis lazuli stretchy bracelet
  • Sunstone polished double point
  • Rose quartz moon carving
  • Rough rose quartz chunk
  • Obsidian knife carving (the knife is non functional)
  • Smoky quartz heart
  • Selenite pebbles x3
  • Rose quartz pendulum
  • Rough lepidolite
  • Rainbow moonstone pebble
  • Rough Illinois fluorite x6
  • Wooden baby elephant carving
  • Lepidolite skull
  • Rose quartz sphere
  • Selenite wand
  • Massive 9" rose quartz polished point
  • Labradorite palm stone
  • Assorted tumbled stones: rutilated quartz x2, rhodonite, larimar, mangano calcite, star garnet, amethyst x2, rose quartz
  • Pack of natural lavender incense
  • Celestial wooden incense burner

This has a retail value of $362 in addition to the $50 shop credit!


  1. You must be 16 or older. (If under 18 you MUST have parent’s permission)
  2. You don’t have to live in the US to join!
  3. Shipping is entirely free, I will cover it. But if you live outside the US and for whatever reasons your country wants to charge you import tax, you are responsible for it. If it gets sent back to me, you will need to pay shipping to have it sent again.
  4. You must be following me, so you can get updates if anything about the giveaway changes.
  5. Please check out our shop!
  6. DO NOT tag this post as giveaway. That will risk the notes getting messed up, and this will be ruined for everyone.
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  9. At the end, each entry will be assigned a number and the winner will be chosen by a random number generator.
  10. The giveaway ends Tuesday, July 30th at 6 pm Pacific time.
  11. The winner will be messaged and must respond with their full name and address within 24 hours, or a new winner will be chosen.

Please respect me and my rules, and have fun!




omakeno: 🏖🐻





All finished!! 💖

Nightshift – Andrea Mowry

Spincycle Dreamstate

amigurumipatterns: @descabdello made this sup…


@descabdello made this super cut alligator with the pattern by @oneandtwocompany in our book ZOOMIGURUMI 5! >> link in profile to our books page.

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Hi my name is Nicole and I buy cheap yarn at the craft store. *gasp* What!? I know! S H O C K I N G ☠️ So. I’ve seen a lot of people recently touting the whole “Only buy sustainably sourced, naturally dyed, organic fibers spun by woodland fairies on a hand carved mahogany wheel in a field of wildflowers.” thing…bleh. I get it, I do, if I could knit with only the finest quality yarns in all the land of course I would. But I can’t. And a lot of people can’t. And for whatever reason people aren’t getting that. When I buy a luxury yarn (or shmancy yarn as I call it), it is a treat that I worked my butt off for. But if I only knit with the shmancy stuff, I’d maybe make a sweater a year. So please, don’t go on and on about your fairy yarns like it’s attainable for everyone, don’t shame people who use low priced acrylic, don’t scoff at big name craft stores; I’m just as much of a knitter with my $7 value skein as you are with your $39 ancient spider silk. And that’s not to say you should feel guilty for being able to afford it, go you, you deserve it, but be cool about it, don’t be a douche #dontbealluncool 👍🏻 OK I’ll step off my soapbox now to start on my sweater that cost me $13 (and you better believe I used coupons 🕺🏻)

Fuck yes preach it girl!



Pteryx shawl is completed. The pattern is by Nim Teasdale of Nimble Knits, and the yarn is Dragonfly Fibers’ MDSW show colorway, Carroll Creek Park, on Djinni. This is the first project I have done with this year’s purchases from MDSW.

I will be using this to raise funds for a TBD animal charity in memory of our beagle, Comet, who passed away unexpectedly early on the Saturday morning of MDSW. Knitting this helped a bit with my grief.



New beginnings! The #papillonshawl ( Butterfly shawl) by Marin Melchior is absolutely addictive to knit. 🦋

knitcircus-luxury-yarns: The Simple Gradient …


The Simple Gradient Hat by Jaala Spiro is a great lightweight beanie and knits up in a flash! This ribbed hat only takes 50g of fingering weight yarn and it looks great in a gradient colorway! Shown here in Vampire Boyfriend.



The sock madness continues 🙋🏻‍♀️