Do you have any suggested patterns or a tag fo…

Do you have any suggested patterns or a tag for stash busting?

Any small project (amigurumi; baby clothes; hats; headbands; coasters; dish cloths) can be great for stashbusting.  

So are stripey patterns.  My favorite stashbusting technique is to take something with miles of stockinette going on and throw in a stripe here and there in a contrasting color I’m trying to get rid of.  

I don’t have a tag for stashbusting (although over the next few weeks I plan to overhaul my tags…) but here are a few patterns I’ve linked to before that I think would be good for stashbusting:


Starfish Cloth

Skimmer Socks

Moura Headband

Bluebird of Happiness

Margot’s Garden Fingerless Mittens

The New Super Easy Baby Blanket

Trovia’s Yarn Scrap Skirt

Owls Two Ways (Knit)


Mary Jane Slippers

Vintage Coasters

Mobile Phone Cozy


Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket

Mug Rug and Hug

Owls Two Ways (Crochet)

I hope this gives you some ideas, and good luck!