jknitsinclass: Moar socks! Can you pinpoint wh…


Moar socks! Can you pinpoint what DRIVES ME NUTS ABOUT THESE SOCKS? That’s right, it’s that teeny tiny stripe that was caused by a break in the yarn and thus a break in the color pattern. This is the second time in a row that I’ve had a skein of Felici do that but out of all the Felici socks I’ve made it’s the only two times it’s happened so I’m a little torn about how upset I should be.

Anyways, the pattern is Zigzagular Socks featuring the Fish Lips Kiss Heel. It was my first time doing the FLK heel and while it seemed like it took longer than one of my normal heel flap heels but it’s SO EASY. I think I made the foot a little too long in this particular sock but I look forward to figuring out my perfect fit with it. Yarn, as mentioned about, is Knit Picks Felici in Sonora Sunset and I’m praying that we get new color ways when the summer sale drops. 

Project page is here on Ravelry if you want to show them some love.