Hey, I’m not dead! Last year was a trip, and I got almost no knitting done. Trying to make up for it by going all out this year. My goal is to complete 10 FOs in 2018, and I’m going to make it, dammit.

So far, I’ve got a few small pieces done and have a sweater and a shawl on my needles right now. 


Dainty Bubbles by tshep in Rowan.


Simple House Slippers by Simone A in acrylic. I’m trying to stashdown this year, which includes gifted yarn of mysterious origin. 


Sockhead Slouch Hat by Kelly McClure in Malabrigo and some hand-dyed by a friend using a Wool2Dye4 base.

Part of my personal challenge is to get photos before handing them over, because I’ve been bad about remembering to do so. I’ve only forgotten to take pics of one project so far this year, so not too bad.