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Day 3 Best Habit
Use all the yarn you’ve got. Either making a scrap yarn ball from all the weaved in ends or making a jacket out of the bigger leftovers. Nothing gets thrown away 😁

Wow, what an ugly piece of shit 😭

Well that is not very nice. I find that it is creative! Also, yarn can be very expensive. This knitter is using every scrap that they have so nothing goes to waste! Knitting is a form of expression and this knitter happens to express their knitting in the way they like.

OMG I love the scarf!! I hope you don’t weave in the ends on it, it’s so fun! I’m gonna start saving all my little bits from weaving in tails and make one!

Poo poo on the person that said it’s a piece of shit, just cause you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s bad.