Helpful Crochet and Knitting Math

Part 1: How Differences in Gauge Affect Your Final Project

Here’s some quick plug-and-chug ways to figure out what will happen if you can’t quite get the right gauge (or just don’t want to find a better gauge).

(All written on paper and shown as pictures because I’m bad at computers)

The second one picture is very important if you’re doing a simple repetitive stitch but it has a design worked in either via colors or knit/purl.

Additional Note: as long as you measure your gauge and the original gauge with the same units, the original pattern units can be whatever. Your answer will be in whatever units the original pattern size units were.

example: a scarf pattern is 6 feet but your gauge and original gauge are in inches, your answer will be in feet

Feel free to send me questions if you have any! I hope to do more of these in the future, as well as a really basic quantity algebra one to help you figure out your own things!