I love people who knit bc they’re like the nicest people ever. I’ve been knitting on a loom for quite a while but I’ve never learned how to knit with needles. Idk why I can’t figure it out but no matter how many books I read and videos I watch I can’t seem to get it. Whenever people mention that they knit I always get super excited like “yeah me too!!! Look at our scarves we made ourselves!!!” But I always feel the need to say a disclaimer like “weeeeeeell I fake knit, cause yknow it’s on a loom and not with needles” and every single person I’ve said this too has told me something along the lines of “ITS JUST A DIFFERENT FORM!!!! ITS JUST AS VALID AS NEEDLE KNITTING!!!!! DONT WORRY UR A GREAT KNITTER!!!!” Thats like the sweetest things ever honestly people who knit are so genuinely nice and supportive