There. You can hear it. A grinding crunch, a wet ripping sound. An upsettingly loud wet slap of something heavy hitting concrete.

Another step. More grinding, a loud popping followed by a sickening sucking sound.

There’s a strange dim light coming through the doorway, you’re not sure you’re actually seeing light or if your eyes have adjusted to the dark. You take another step.

The noise stops abruptly, you freeze. Did you make a noise? You squeeze your eyes shut, you don’t want to see it.
But you do, in some sick way, you want to see what was making those horrid noises.

A wet slapping noise comes, quickly, the slapping of feet on soaked concrete. Your eyes snap open, it’s there, you wish you had left them closed. An extra eye opens wide on its cheek, darting wildly around, searching. No hair, a lumpy white skull practically shining in the dark. A mouth far too big that opens so wide, and hundreds of teeth sink into your cheeks. Four hands grab, fingernails digging deeply into your skin.

You can’t scream, there’s no sound left to come out, your muscles are frozen and your blood pours from more wounds you can’t see.

It drags you through that strange doorway. You blink, tears rolling down the sides of your face. The light is pleasing somehow, it almost makes you calm. You know what’s coming, you start hearing the sounds again.

A wet ripping, a sick grinding and popping sound. But this time it’s you, but the light makes it alright. Tears become lost as the blood drains away, pooling on the floor, and everything slips away. The silence presses in, and something like sleep comes and you fall away.

Authors note: I wrote this the other day and really liked it, hope you aren’t too grossed out by it